Sunday, May 11, 2008

Infamous Ranked no1 for NXL MAO

Infamous is ranked No1 going into this weekend's PSP NXL2 MAO at PBC Sports Park in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Pre-Event Ranking
01st - Infamous
02nd - Legion
03rd - X-Factor
04th - Impact
05th - Ironmen
06th - N. Dogs
07th - Dynasty
08th - Americans
09th - Damage
10th - Aftershock
11th - Aftermath
12th - Avalanche
MAO is a 5 man team race to 9 points with 1:30 minors and 3 minute majors

THURS HIGHLIGHTS (Selected games)
Infamous beat Avalance 7-5
Legion bt Aftermath 8-6
Xfactor loses to Damage 4-9
Ironmen scraped thru 7-6 with the Americans in a close game.
Dogs got trashed by Dynasty 3-9
Damage lost to Infamous 5-6
Aftershock lost to Legion in OT game 6-7
Aftermath 6 to X-Factor 3 - the Texas Kids are not having a good day with 2 losses.

Infamous lose one to the Americans
Big match up - Legion loses to Dynasty by a point 7-8
Ironmen beat Impact 6-5 in a nother close 1 point game
X-Factor finally pulls one back over the Dogs 9-4
My highlight of the prelims> Ironmen beats Infamous 9-4
Dogs lose 4 straight- this time to Legion in OT 6-7- heart break guys.
BIGGEST WIN OF THE DAY - The Texas Kids trashed the old pros! X-Factor 9 - Dynasty 4!

Americans beat Aftermath 9-4
Aftermath get back on the horse and beats Dynasty 5-4! Dynasty on a 2 loss run.
Ironmen trash Damage 9-1. The 'men are on a hot streak.
Dogs go down again to Aftershock 6-8. Dogs are going home early.
Infamous lose to Impact by a point in an OT game 7-8
SAT's MATCH OF THE DAY both resurging teams X-Factor and Legion- the game goes to the Russians 9-4
Americans who are on a roll now go 3-1 beat Damage 9-4
Dynasty wakes up to trash Aftershock 9-2
Ironmen are super hot with another 9-2 win over Avalanche
Dogs get 2 wins- they beat Aftermath 8-7

So teams going into Sunday are the super hot Ironmen with 5 in-a-row wins followed by the Americans and the Russians who started slowly but got back on track with 4 wins and a loss. Dynasty and Infamous had disappointing losses but managed to scrape thru to Sunday and so did X-Factor.

Teams going home
Impact doesn't live up to their pre tournament No4 ranking and flies home early to Edmonton in their private jet. The list also includes the 2 'Afters' teams from Chicago and San Diego and crowd favorite Avalanche who finished last as they lost all their 5 matches. Dogs had a bad weekend - started badly and couldn't get it back together in time to make it to Sunday. Infamous goes(scrapes) thru on points despite having the same scoreline.

W/L Prelim Event Standings after Thurs/Fri/Sat
(5-0) Ironmen

(4-1) Americans
(4-1) Legion

(3-2) Dynasty
(3-2) X-Factor

(2-3) Aftermath
(2-3) Damage
(2-3) Impact
(2-3) Infamous (1 OT Game)
(2-3) N. Dogs (1 OT Game)

(1-4) Aftershock (1 OT Game)
(0-5) Avalanche

Who Advances:
Top Three from each Bracket
Bracket 1 - (1)Ironmen, (2)Americans, (3)Infamous
Bracket 2 - (1)Legion, (2)X-Factor, (3)Dynasty

Who goes home
Standings after prelims
07th - N. Dogs
08th - Aftermath
09th - Impact
10th - Damage
11th - Aftershock
12th - Avalanche

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