Saturday, May 24, 2008


I love it how they give you 3 versions of the field layout. A top view with nice grass rendering - one plain with no grass background and one in 3-D.

The Field looks really wide open in the middle with everything surrounding the "M" - the layout kinda looks like a clock. The bunkers look really small in scale on the map.

The snake looks almost boring with 4 stops compared to NPPL's snakes but whats a real bitch is that snake 1 is not at the end but inside the snake. So you got to really haul ass right into it if you want to play snake.

The doritos arc to the outside - if you make it to D2 you have a decent angle on D4 all their back temples. D2 is protected from the left corner by D3. So D2 is a crucial bunker to take on the dorito side.

Looking at the back line- there are mainly temples employed here with a few cans on the snake side. The corners are pretty far- you's have to run into it like you're running to the mid bunkers on the break.

The bricks near the end of the snakes would be the places to defend the snake and the centre lanes. And the bricks in the middle are to guard the M.

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