Friday, May 23, 2008

New Jerseys from JAX

Understandably- everyone is after Aftermath's new NPPL jersey which was worn for the first time at JAX. There is only one place that you can get it from and its not cheap at USD$140

Below is the one they wore are Huntington beach but it's got "San Diego" Aftermath on it. The NPPL version accurately says "Escondido".

I prefer the new NPPL version.

The other highly anticipated new jersey was from the Bushwackers who have been using their 06 jerseys up till Huntington Beach. They wore their brand new jerseys at Jax.

Personally I prefer the old one- its one of my top 5 all time jersey designs.

SIDE BAR- the Bushwackers are the first team I know of to be fully kitted out with Torque loaders.

LA FACTION here with their bloody big Pinokios

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