Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maximus for M.O.D.

Facefull #57 April reported that Maximus has joined his brother on Jersey Authority but at NPPL JAX he played with M.O.D which is a junior team for J.A

M.O.D Stands for Method of Destruction and they started off as a D2 team in the NPPL and have since worked their way up to Semi-Pro and managed to get the likes of Maximus to come and play for them. Another famous name in their roster is former XSV pro and the PS2 game hero - Greg Hastings!

MOD's team jersey was designed by the folks at Tanked.

In the interview Max was asked about him getting shot out very quickly in his first 3 games. His answer was that he's too sloppy and its the result of playing too much X-ball where you dont have to be too tight- where as in 7 men- once you're out- you're out and it counts big time.

Jersey Authority also features Max's brother Alex and the Blonski brothers who all used to play for the Russians. Also in the line up is former Detroit Strange Mike Carthy. (far right in the pic)

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