Thursday, August 21, 2008

Red Sevens Double X Game plan

Every one played either the snake or the doritos all day until we put Azlan and Big Ben in the 50 X. The game plan was thought up by Azlan and Ben and it was simple - both of them break for the 50 and shoot their forwards out. Small Ben and Ryan were going to cover the dorito side and Lydia was going into the hammer and snake side to distract them.

Once the two forwards get into the X - they have to shoot out the forwards as fast as possible stop anyone from getting into the snake. As soon as you get in the X you have so many firing solutions on all the back bunkers and the hammer.

SBen shot out their hammer from the back right and he played on and they pulled a 1 for 1 on them.

Even though Lydia got into the Hammer and was pinned down- she managed to fire back up on her cross to pin their back left down so BBen could wrap him on the outside.

I also had a plan B which was incase they came up to bunker BBen and Azlan in the X- then Ryan and SBen on the left side would get up and run and shoot that guy out. And continue down the field.

I think I have seen only 1 other team using this game plan and won their game. The rest pretty much didnt use the X as effectively as us.

It was a highly entertaining 1 min 45 sec though.


LynxLyd said...

haha, =p didnt get a chance to see both of them in action during the 'Double X Attack'.. not even a glimpse.. there was only a gigantic X, wonder why u guys named it 'Double X'..
as for me, better move in into the hammer once the opponent has down wif 1 or 2, high chances to peek and shoot without having to stay low n being pin by them.. (damn the small gap between the hammer bunkers!).. else just get there and become a DECOY- "borrowing azlan's word".. =D
I Was A Decoy..
havent get a chance to watch the clip..?? Bring it on.

Daniel Goh @ Junior said...

I saw that game, it was a nice one.

noir said...

saw the clip of the game! jane came running right after you guys came outta the field! i was dead amazed by azlan and OLD ben!

lynxlyd : think they called it double is cuz they threw in 2 to man the X. or at least thats what i think. heh..

SEBURO said...

Double X - Double up in the X.

Nice to see you in here Lady Lynx :)