Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Sept issue of Facefull is in Singapore. You'd better hurry as they only have two copies left when I got mine.

10 Things I learnt from Facefull this month.

1. Chuck Hendsch founded Dynasty
2. Rich Telford did not make the NPPL All-Star team because he claims the online voting was rigged.
3. Chuck Hendsch is an Associate Producer of Fox's Xtreme Paintball Beyond the Paint.
4. Ollie Lang isn't using Dye Throttle bottles- its a Crossfire check p115
5. Chuck Hendsch played on a pump team at this years HB.
6. The New Miami Rage /MacDev Jersey is frakking siiiiicccckkkkkkkkk
7. The Miami Rage Nxe pack comes in 4+3+2 - but not for sale to the public which makes the Rage pack one of the hardest pack to get in PB.
8. Moscow Phoenix guys cut their Proto Masks too p83
9. Chuck Hendsch is the Chuck Norris of Paintball.
10. Pro Drill Feature Justin Rabackoff and his Dad Steve both played on team Infamous in the same roster.

P.S. My Thomas Taylor Gun is on page 74


SEBURO said...

Before you ask who Chuck Hendsch is- he is the President of the NPPL- the boss of NPPL. He is the Associate Producder of Xtreme Paintball. He works for SPYDER Paintball.

He used to be the boss of you see the link between the Blue Dragon Boys and JT?

noir said...

LOL... blue dragon boys.. good one there..

SEBURO said...

I thought the Chuck Norris bit was more funny. If you have come across the Chuck Norris jokes before.

Even Virtue went and made a Chuck Norris Halo Back plate.

SEBURO said...

The Chuck Norris Back plate- which has been sold out. It says "Guns don't kill people - Chuck Norris Kills People"

noir said...

yeah there are shyt loads of Chuck Norris jokes flying everywhere..