Sunday, August 31, 2008

CP Team Tanks

CP sponsors teams like X-Factor and Miami Rage thus these are the team edition tanks. The third (middle tank) design is defunct team Stoned Assasins which was owned by rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Coming soon will be the Joy Division edition CP tank.

I wonder why there isn't a Bushwackers edition tank.

I like CP's Regs because if you look at the top of the reg - there are 3 holes instead of the usual 1 hole. So the air flow is maximised- they call it "Super High Flow Rate". And they come in different colours to match your rig.

CP also has really compact 10 inch long 48ci bottle here on the left and a 68ci on the right which is only an inch longer at 11 inches - both are classified as 'stubby' tanks.

68ci 4500psi - 2.63lbs length 11 inches
48ci 4500psi - 1.99lbs length 10 inches
Reg Only - .29lbs

They also come in low pressure spec at 450psi and now for the first time also an incredible 850psi for high pressure

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