Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well it looks like Dynasty's little trip to Singapore and Desaru did them wonders as they took their second XBall win of the year after winning at MAO. Dynasty takes over the Ironmen at the top spot by a mere 5 points. Boston who finished 3rd holds down 3rd place and are still within striking distance of the top 2. It’ll all go down at the World Cup – echos of “Win world Cup” are starting to resound.

Philly boys were a surprise finalist but they got hammered 7-3 in the finals.
The Ironmen did make it into the final four being the only team of my picks to make it into the final four but they lost to the Russians for 3rd place. I did pick the Russians as my dark hourse and they took 3rd place

1st - Dynasty
2nd - Philadelphia Americans
3rd - Boston Red Legion

4th - Los Angeles Ironmen

Division 1 XBall
1st - RNT Allstarz
2nd - Damage
3rd - TX Justice League
4th - Vicious

Division 2 XBall
1st - Cross-Eyed Paintball
2nd - TPA Revolution
3rd - Shockwave Canada
4th - Raiden

Division 3 XBall
1st - Velocity Wrecking Crew
2nd - Team Unlimited
4th - Raiden Black

Division 3 5-man XBall
1st - Boom
2nd - JFK
3rd - No Limit
4th - TPA Riot

Division 4 5-man XBall
1st - RNT Kids
2nd- 100 Proof Paintball
3rd - Total Karnage Kids
4th - Poison Products Factory

Rankings after NEO
2 Los Angeles Ironmen 235
3 Boston Red Legion 210
4 X-Factor 205
5 Philly Americans 195
6 Oakland Infamous 185
7 Tampa Bay Damage 160
8 Seattle Naughty Dogs 150
9 San Diego Aftermath 140
10 Edmonton Impact 135
11 Chicago Aftershock 60
12 St. Louis Avalanche 35

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