Thursday, August 28, 2008


This weekend is MY-NPL's Super Sevens Series at Astaka in Petaling Jaya Selangor.
Man I wish I had 10 guys to bring to a Seven Man tournament. I might just take the midnight bus to up to watch.


1400hrs to 1900hrs Friday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Friday (Team Captain Meeting)
0800hrs to 1800hrs Saturday (Site closes at 2030hrs)
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1700hrs)


Field One is the sickest snake field I have ever seen- its a double snake on one side! Teams with snake players and smaller guys would be spending time in the snake lane whammering each other. This field alone warrants my presence to go and see how it plays out. The big ass car washes on the 50s make it a tempting buker to make- if you get those car washers you'd pretty much lock down the 50 side. You will need to get at least 2 guys into a car wash or you'd get bunkeing runs from the snakes.

Field Two is a Dorito field and with Ds running down on both sides its a bit of a letdown compared tot he double snake field. This is what I call an asymetrical field as everyone will be playing the big Dorito lane and leave the tombstone tape - Grave yard alone. You'll only need one back corner to watch the grave yard and have 2 guys watch the 45s from the center. The two Doritos are the only significant bunkers on the Tombstone side and its in the middle of the field. The 50 car wash and the 50 D is the bunkers to secure if you want to win the match. Who ever get those first will probably win it.

Division 3

1) AMP Sin X (Selangor)
2) D-mercy Kidz (Johor)
3) EJPC (Selangor)
4) Oscar Legio-X (Pahang)
5) Raz Legion (Johor)
6) Shimigami-X (Selangor)

Division 2
1) KillerBeez (Selangor)
2) NoMercy (Johor)
3) Outrec (Melaka)
4) Rainforest 7 Tigers (Pahang)
5) Rimba Warriors (Selangor)
6) Ronin Legion (Kuala Lumpur)

OPEN Division (OP)

1) BlackWidow Rovers (Selangor)
2) CMX (Kuala Lumpur)
3) Demonz Redz (Selangor)
4) Delta Rovers (Selangor)
5) MacDev Ronin (Kuala Lumpur)
6) Nemesis (Kuala Lumpur)
7) Raskal (Selangor)
8) Rimba Bandits (Selangor)
9) X-Fox (Pulau Pinang)
10) X-Pursuit (Pulau Pinang)

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