Saturday, August 23, 2008

I WIN- WCA will be in KL

The poll as spoken with almost 80% of the votes in my poll going for KL and I was right on the money- the WCA will be moved to KL where it logically, logistically and, rightfully should be.

Paul- you can use this poster I've already edited it for you.

Those who didn't beleive me can kiss my ass at WCA I'll be hanging around... buying Maximus' Angel :)

Ok Lets talk about venues. Might as well talk about it since 'you-know-who' reads my blog and before we all end up up in some 'ulu di belakang longkang' place. Lets throw up some suggestions.

Last year's venue at PJ state was good- because it was near enough to the train station, the hotels and food etc and the players tent was on hard ground. Being on hard ground is a big plus because it rained and the fields were muddy.

I'm hoping it wont end up like WCA 06 at Bukit Jalil when it rained and there was mus every friggin where.

Since we've had the pleasure of playing in 3 stadium venues (2 MPOC and 1 Asian Invitational) this year - I wouldn't mind playing in another stadium. However the stadiums in KL tend to be out of the city area except for Stadium Merdeka.

I like the idea of playing at Dataran Merdeka where everyone can some and watch the games - it'll def be a high profile tournament. Just that I think they will be reluctant to let us cut up their field - again. The only problem will be toilets and etc which has to be the "popular" porta loos.

I say lets just book a ball room somewhere or the KL convention center - put turf on and play in air con comfort. GUARANTEED NO RAIN NO MUD AND CAN PLAY TILL LATE AT NIGHT! I'm sure all teams would love to rock up at 9/10am and play till whenever we finish rather than having to get up at 6am etc.

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