Saturday, August 9, 2008

More Photos from the NPPL Asian Invitational

Tood Martinez was suspended for 6 games by Chuck for shooting at the Bushwackers after he was eliminated. So he sat out the remainder of Dynasty's games - generally amusing himself and everyone around him. After talking to us and taking a few photos with us... and - [SHIT now I remember he was filming us on his video cam. We have a t shirt that says "Wiping is for Assholes" on the back which I promised to send him. He made a comment that "Wiping is for Bushwackers"]

Anyway right after this he spots Gary Lee trying out the quad bike and Todd goes "hey I gotta get me a ride on THAT!" runs across the running track and jumps on behind Gary.

These pics by Jon are from sunday night- we were hanging out with the XSV guys. Conrad and Anthony disappeared to "go get money from our room so we can buy you beers" - they were gone for a good half hour. Turns out- they took a detour to the beach to get a coconut because Thomas wanted one. Thomas spent half the night hacking into it with a butter knife and then smashes it on the floor- the pics are on them trying to drink from it.

Thomas working it with a butter knife here.

Dustin here trying to get a taste while trying not to spill it on himself (he did anyway).

Anothny did most of the work opening the coconut.

Conrad who claims he doesn't like eating coconuts but likes the taste of the juice. I told him we can get the juice in cans- he said "no way!"

TO RICH TELFORD - If you some how come across these pictures - please forgive them. Your boys are GREAT bunch of guys to hang out with. We really love them and they carried themselves and the team very well at the Asian Invitational.

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