Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here you go- as I promised. Malaga field plan and plays by Ryan Greenspan of Dynasty.

Ignore the brackets and the numbers- these were drawn on Icon's play book. Just read the marker diagrams.

I'll fill you guys in on the plays tomorrow -its 2am and I need to sleep.

For those who don't know- we be playing in MPOC4 in 2 weeks and one of the fields is based on the Malaga field. So this is for the benefit of those who are going to play in MPOC4.


Anonymous said...

Mate.. i dun think it's a very good idea to show this one up.. we might give away our strategy to others.. little that you know other MPOC players might be reading your blog too.. PP

SEBURO said...

Don't worry- I got more plays from Ryan and also the Team Icon's play book which I'm keeping.

gary said...

well u can have gary's play book as well hehehe

well done buddy