Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well its looks like I was WRONG and D4 is going to happen at MPOC 5.

Since apparently I lack humility I might as well go ahead and tell you that I SEBURO was the one who came up with the idea of having a rookie division with rental markers provided in MPOC5 JB for the benefit of players in Singapore who don't have markers.

Ben Seow took that idea and pitched it to Paul who came up with D4 "for the first time" in MPOC.

So no need to thank me - really. It was all Ben who pitched the idea to Paul.

Just seeing you guys turning up at MPOC 5 will warm my heart.


SEBURO said...

No really- you don't have to thank me in here.

I really didn't expect you to anyway.

SEBURO said...

Paul if you're reading this- I hope you play D4 FIRST on Saturday morning and give the D3 guys a break from starting at 8am after all these tournaments.

We deserve a break from 8am starts.

SEBURO said...

HAH I'm just adding the numbers so it'll seem like everyone is hacking me in the comments page.

Made you look.

SEBURO said...