Thursday, September 18, 2008


This year the Red Sevens will have the privilege of playing in 4 stadium venues including the NPPL Asian Invitational. The MPOC have bought the games from Paintball Fields into Stadium Venues.

The final leg will be played in the infamous Larkin Stadium which is a bit of a shame because I like playing at the old venue at the Dataran that over looks the Straits of Johore and Singapore in the distance.

But I guess a stadium venue means better facilities and better playing field. And there will be plenty of seats for the SPNS teams from Singapore to sit on and watch the games since D4 is probably not going to happen.

This would also mean having to book a hotel room and having to stay in JB for that weekend.

Perhaps next year we could be playing on turf indoors in air con? There are lots of convention centers and expo halls around we could throw an MPOC or PALS in.


Arbone said...
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Anonymous said...

no bro, I think we are playin at the dataran.. - 100% sure.

SEBURO said...

I hope you're right.

Anonymous said...

oops.. my bad... rong news..
ya true.. larkin stadium.. damn! :(