Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Propaintball and Napshot will be googling "Laysick" after reading this post.

Euro brand Laysick have announced their arrival into the paintball world by launching their new paintball pants line called SUBVERT.

Fraking nice.

And LAYSICK CUSTOM DESIGN LAB also do FN (fraking nice) custom jerseys too.

These are for London Shock of the CPL. The Jerseys are made from a 36 panel construction, heavy weight polyester body, lightweight hip panels, under arm mesh venting & elbow pads venting, elbow padding, shoulder padding, neck stretch & cuffs, thumb holes, piping and branding laysick.

The detailing is really superb.

Version 1. Check out the detailing on the elbow pad and the brand label.

Version 2. They came up with a second version after a change of sponsors and new team members like Bobby Aviles here who is a guest from the New England Hurricanes.

This dispels the dye myth. Just because you're a Dye team - doesn't mean than you have to wear C8s. This is for team Somanc

All jersey were designed by Sam Smith.

And they got some sick t shirts too.


noir said...

holy shiettt! those are some Sick shietttt!!

Darlie said...

Hi Arthur, hahaha I'm not sure about Napshot but Pat was telling us about Laysick quite some time ago :)