Thursday, September 24, 2009


According to Wikipedia the origin of the word "three-peat" was coined by Byron Scott of the LA Lakers when they tried to "three-peat" in the NBA in 1989. The word "Three peat" in fact was patented by then Lakers coach Pat Riley. So any one else wanting to use that term for any commercial use would have to play royalties to Pat Riley's company as did the Chicago Bulls who three peated twice in the 90s.

Why am I talking about this? Its because the Los Angeles Ironmen are sitting on a possible three peat. In English football terms its referred to as being "on a hat trick". I hope I dont jinx the Ironmen by talking about it but Brandon Short has been talking about it when he practices for the World Cup.

The motivation is there they have been there and repeated. Dye's lean and mean xball machine have the skills and experience to three-peat. Standing in their way are the Boston Region will feature some of the Russians who came away with the win last weekend at the Millenium Series. And Red's pet peeve the All Americans who have been playing so well this year and I think would be desperate to win it for the folks at Smart Parts.

So the big question going to the PSP World Cup next month is:

“Can the Ironmen Three-peat?”

I think they can.

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