Saturday, September 12, 2009

Silly Season Part 2: DYE NT TEASER 'DYSECTED'

I was wrong - I missed - my guesses on the next DM were wrong. I got the name wrong and there is still a macro line.

Dye released a teaser of their new DM which is officially called the NT - Next Generation. Most of you would have seen the video now- if not here is the link.

Lets see what else we can learn from the NT teaser video.

1. Ollie Lang drives a Cadillac 2. Ollie Lang wears Ray Ban Wayfares 3.Ollie Lang wears a new Dye T shirt.

First look at the DM NT - it looks like a DM9. Same looking hyper reg, same shape same rubber grip? The macro line is still there. The body styling with the tail grip...looks like DM9's? To be honest I think they're having us on. But wait look at the trigger guard...

In the light - look at the body again.... and the "new" Boomstick...looks like the current Boomstick?

Ok this one is interesting. Not the marker but check out the mask. That's not a shadow there - it looks like a black stripe on the red mask. Are we looking at a Red Camo i4? Back to the marker- it looks like a single back cap and no more LPR its been moved to the front

Lastly - Ollie Lang's driving is suspect. Ollie Lang does not use the seat belt. Ollie Lang listens to bad rap music.

Oh and last time Ollie and Nicky teased the DM9 he got shat on for not wearing a mask (he made sure he used one in this video). He's going to get shat on again for driving without a seat belt.

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Anonymous said...

Vokab Kompany is not bad rap music. Ollie happens to like it.