Friday, September 25, 2009

PIMP MY PRO - Shane Howe

I have a special request to Pimp my Pro™ - Shane Howe of San Francisco EXPLICIT and San Diego AFTERMATH 2.

Shane wants to come to Malaysia for the World Cup Asia and is looking for a co-sponsor who will be willing to bring him back to Malaysia.

He is a Luxe (Aftermath) / Ego (EXPLIXIT) sponsored player so is suitable for Skirmish or Napshot. Mr Howe is also SLY's Poster boy so Andrew from is your man.


I would (come to KL) if someone invited and paid half my flight. Lol!


haha i will ask arthur to pimp u on his blog



Just post my pic and maybe some hot chic will pay half my way and let me stay at her house! That would be nice!


Ok for all you "hot chicks" out there - here is a picture of Shane and I have said it before that Shane could be a male model....

Does this picture look familiar?


SEBURO said...
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SEBURO said...

FiLthyJeRmz better hope shanes gf doesn't see that blog....LOL..

FROM SHANE's Twitter
I Love it! Haha! Good Work!

noir said...

Ermm... Male Model... Right...
Anyways, good luck pimpin' Shane!