Saturday, September 26, 2009



I spoke to a few people online last night. Shane Howe told me that he will be flying up to San Diego for practice with AFTERMATH. They will be playing at Camp Pendleton against none other than his old team INFAMOUS! LB is jetting on the redeye from Chicago and I think Todd Martinez will also be practicing with INFAMOUS for the first time.

XSV will be scrimming at at CEPP Critical Edge Paintball Park this weekend.

Patrick Tan of Propaintball in KL told me that they have been appointed as official dealers for TANKED and are getting lots of TANKED stuff in for the World Cup Asia. The Bushwacker and HK Army jerseys are on the way. Propaintball already have new stock in fresh from PBX Atlanta. So if you're in KL, do drop in and check out the 2010 Dye range, new KM Straps etc.

I was at PBW Paintballers World yesterday evening- checked out my HK Army jersey, Jane's new Red Sevens jersey and picked up a few items thanks to Ben. BTW If you're thinking of getting anything - you'd have to be fast because a few people were there yesterday and bought a whole lot of good shit. TNKD head bands are going and there are a few nice TNKD tshirts, HATER t shirts and the very cool XSV belts.

Ken Tsuda of OAKLAND BLAST will be in town next weekend and he's agreed to give a clinic on the 11th - more details to come later.

Tonight is the SG Ballers gaming night at PBW. We will be playing NPPL Championship on the PS3 at Paintballers World. And there might be a special guest making an appearance.

See some of you guys tonight. Have a good weekend in Paintball

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