Thursday, November 27, 2008


Jason, Ben, Corey and Daryl at the NPPL Asian Invitational

Everyone knows that the Bornstein brothers are pretty tight. They both joined the Bushwackers because they could play together on the same team.

So why the sudden move to Oakland Blast just before the Commanders Cup? PN Reserve puts Jason Bornstein's departure from The Bushwackers was because of Ryan Podesa busting Jason for using a non-sponsored gear.

The Bushwackers have a team rule that if you get caught using non-sponsor's gear - you'd get cut by team owner Ron Kilbourne. (Good thing the tank we lent him at the NPPL Asian Invitational was a DXS tank)

Ryan and Jason aren't really buddies - so when Jason's Ego went down, (they had to buy their own Egos and loaders) he borrowed someone's Timmy. And Ryan took the opportunity to get at Jason by taking photos of Jason playing with the Timmy.

Thus Jason was pushed out of the Wackers and went over to Uncle Bob's Blast team.

Jason -> we wish you all the best from Me and sBen and the Red Sevens

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