Monday, November 17, 2008


I was BLOWN AWAY when Patrick of Pro Paintball gave me his Syndicate Pro Jersey. 
Till today I'm still stunned- anyway THANK YOU Pat.

I got the jersey signed by Patrick Wrobel who was at the WCA and Pat told me that he's on the new issue of FACEFULL. The inside scoop story of the FACEFULL cover is that he had just been overshot by one of the JOY players and he got a one for one for shooting Pat. The regular Syndicate Jersey has LOVE/HATE on the shoulders but Patrick's is special -his has HATE/HATE

I just so happen to have an 06 issue of FACEFULL which featured Frankfurt Syndicate so I got that page signed.

Thanks to Pro Paintball Patrick for the jersey
Thanks to Partick Wrobel for signing it.


Anonymous said...

is WROBEL lah..:P

SEBURO said...

opps- thanks

pacman said...

You're welcome ... on behalf of patrick wrobel and myself ...