Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A challenge and more...

My teammate Calgar has issued a challenge in the Red Dynasty forum to any team to skirmish with the Red Sevens.

I will take it further and issue a challenge to any SWAT STAR SPECIAL FORCES COMMANDO ARMY team to play speedball with us and I dare say that we will beat these guys.

My point is that speedball skills will make you a better cop/soldier SWAT. Whereas Army skills is worthless on the paintball field. I'd say that if you learning how to play speedball will make you a better SWAT/SOLDIER in the field.

In speedball you do things like slide- shoot with both hands and snap shoot. All these they don't teach you in the army. They tell you to shoot with your stronger hand and use your master eye. That is quite restrictive and narrows your options. In speedball you don't use your master eye- you use two eyes to trace your shots. One of the advantage of using both eyes is - you can see what else is around you or your target- you wont get tunnel vision and miss someting on the side what could counter you.

Snap shooting is a skill which can be applied to shooting with hand guns and rifles- further more in speedball you have to be able to shoot with both sides left and right handed. Snap shooting will increase your chances of survival and chances of beating th eguy who is shooing at you.

When I watched BlackHawk down recently- and in a street scene - Sgt Eversmann played by Josh Hartnett was engaging the enemy around a corner. Because he was shooting right handed around the a left corner he had to lean out to get his rifle out around the corner to get a shot. In speedball that'll be stupid. If he learnt how to snap shoot with his left hand he wouldn't have to be so exposed to the enemy.

I watched those guys run with their bodies almost upright into cover while under fire. If I were them I'd be sprinting while keeping my body super low and sliding into my cover.

Another thing army guys cant do- they cant shoot on the run. We can and we do it with both left and right hands and we can change hands while on the run.

I said it before- when you come to the paintball field- leave your army shit back home. Leave your no.4 camo pants at home too- they will tear in the crotch and knee areas. You will trip over your army boots. Forget about cover firing and etc etc- its all rubbish. I can train a bunch of high school kids to beat a bunch of army officers so army shit ain't worth crap on the PB field.

So the challenge is up- you and your special forces SWAT STAR or whatever Amry Commando shit can come and play us.


Anonymous said...

Firstly I'll like to say that I do agree that one should leave all the army shit at home when at the paintball field and that learning to snap shoot with both hands as well as slide would have been good things to learn in the army.

However I would also like to point out that there are some fundamental differences between firing a marker and a rifle.

Firstly, there is recoil. So it's practically impossible to run and shoot with a rifle. Your rounds WILL go everywhere. Even firing while standing up is tough enough as it is.

Secondly, it's very difficult to see where your rounds land while using a rifle. You can see a paintball in flight and the splat as it lands, but it's rather difficult to see the bullet. It's therefore difficult to rely on your 2 eyes to see where the rounds land and you depend very much on your rifle sights, which can only be aimed via one eye. We are thought to aim with both eyes open though but one eye (not necessary the master eye, though it does help) through the sights.

All in all, I do agree that paintball can really help a soldier in the field as it teaches a lot of helpful techniques as well as the importance of communication. But it's also difficult to just compare firing a marker with a rifle.


Anonymous said...

WOW...thats one hell of a challange..

What about this situation, u dive behind a bunker...then come out run and gun a guy, he uses his "master" eye and waht nots.., and shoots u with a 9mm?would PB help then?this is ludacris...

CALGAR said...

The long comment is good.

The second comment is absolutely dumb. Learn to spell first. Anyway, why would a guy be packing 9mm heat on a paintball field anyway???

Anonymous said...

Because he is Ludacris, thats why he got a 9mm in his pants, Duhh.

Anonymous said...

somewhat irresponsible writing.

Anonymous said...

irresponsible? The 9mm or the writer of the blog?

Anonymous said...

A bunker doesn't just exist on a paintball field. It does exist on a war zone.

I'd say irresponsible on the writer of the blog.

The dynamics of a paintball round and a bullet are different. I guess the biggest difference is that a bullet can kill.

Anonymous said...

how about the 9mm ? is it irresponsible ?

Anonymous said...

well, nevermind what/who is irresponsible over an irrational article.

tomohito said...

Oh come on guys.
Paintball is a sport! Army/SWAT/Commando skills are best left where they are - in the battlefield.

PB uses markers - yes - they are like guns - but that's where the similarities end. If you want to be gung-ho and feel like you're trying to play shoot'em-ups, then volunteer and go to Iraq.
PB is about teamwork and communication - it's a sport.

What Seburo's trying to tell most of the guys out there is that if you want to play police&thief, or guns&soldiers, PB is the wrong sport to do it at.

Play the sport for what it is. Don't bring other mentalities into it.

FYI I'm into military stuff - but I dig PB for the sport that it is - not the army grunt shit that most people tend to bring to the field.

Anonymous said...

It tends to be the egos (not the markers) that are brought in by military people that tend to spoil the sport.

Daniel (Junior) said...

Tomohito's correct that pb should be played for fun or for the interest of the sport. It's no place for SWAT/Police/Soldiers to boast what they know. It's a whole different ball game.

As a paintballer, I can understand it's absolutely different being in a warzone. What I hope is for the SWAT/Police/Soldiers to stop boasting they tactics better than us and that they've been on the battlefield so pb's nothing to them. Stop bitching and just play the game for it's a sport, not a matter of life or death.

Anonymous said...

so the 9mm is not to be blamed then ?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
so the 9mm is not to be blamed then ?"

Whoever the fuck you are... you're one fucking kiasu cunt. Who's talking about 9mm and real guns here?

I think Seburo, tomohito and Junior's saying leave your army ego, skills and shit out of the paintball field. Don't come thrash talk to us saying you're better than us because you've been in the army. A challenge: If you're good, how come we don't see you in MPOC or PALS?

Anonymous said...


It was Anonymous who said...
It tends to be the egos (not the markers) that are brought in by military people that tend to spoil the sport.

March 13, 2008 12:10 AM


SEBURO said...

sign your name you chicken shit- or your moron army friends will confuse you for themselves and add not understanding anything to confusing who is who.