Thursday, March 13, 2008

Get over it (the center line)

Since the announcement of the SPNS - everyone has been asking about the center line. Believe me we would love to play without the centre line but things are not 'ready' for the center line to be removed. While every effort is been made to get the authorities to accept the idea of playing without it - you guys will just have to be patient about it.

So all you big mouth noobs - shut up and give us a break and stop asking about the damn center line. Its not as if you are going to run all the way up and bunker anyone anyway. Its not as if it's going to change your game as it is.

If and when we're allowed to play without it- you'll be the first to know - if we aren't allowed to take it out - well tough- things remains the same. We're all going to have to live with it like having chewing gum banned etc.

Everyone is still going to play the same way - stay way back in the back bunkers. So quit yabbering about the line.

Maybe after getting bunkered a few times and geting shot in the head and back - you'd want the damn line put back up.

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