Friday, April 24, 2009


I brought 3 copies of the April issue of Facefull up to KL for friends. I would ask everyone to get a copy and read the article on Junadi. Yes there is like a 6 page interview with our own Malaysian Marshall ultimate. It is a good article on him and the history of marshalling in Malaysia.

I feel that it is important to understand where Junaidi come from and where he wants the game to go. It is because the way things are currently going down - things don't seem too rosy from my point of view. In the interview Junaidi expresses his frustration at players who cheat, argue and challenge the marshalls.

What we're getting are players going up and arguing and yelling at the marshalls after a bad game. I have had to wait for these guys to finish their argument before getting on with our games. And it is sad to listen to them because some of their case are really bull shit. It's plainly obvious they're pissed off at getting called but they haven't grasp the rules enough to argue their case. Most of the time they are just wasting every one's time.

I had a conversation with Junaidi on Saturday and he told me about what is going on - players are actively challenging the marshall's authority. Players trying to get away with cheating testing and pushing their luck with the marshalls on the field.

It has become a different ball game now- "its no longer players vs players- but players vs marshalls" to quote Junaidi. It is sad to hear this and I can understand his frustration at the state the game.

After reading Junaidi's article I did have a think and I bought up my thoughts on the matter to Junaidi. My thought are that that players of all Divisions should take a big step forward and "be more professional". Professional meaning playing the game with honesty and integrity and representing your team, your sport on a higher a standard.

If you watch professional golf - players like Gary Player, Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods are great sportsmen and great ambassadors of their sport. Everybody knows them and everybody respects them. This is because they represent themselves and their sponsors in the out most professional manner. They play the game with the out most respect for the rules and traditions. They dress appropriately, the behave appropriately on the field and to criticize another fellow player is frowned upon. They make sure they thank their sponsors and the tournament organisers in front of the media.

So cut out the cheating, the arguing, the tantrum throwing and marshall abuse. You represent your sport. You represent your league. There are stories from the other league about players fighting, cheating and shooting from the dead box etc. All these just bring down the reputation of the sport if not the reputation of the other league and I am equally sad to hear stories like these.

I was quite excited to hear that our friend Dan Perez from the USPL and the ex head ref at the NPPL will be coming to give a clinic in KL for the NPL Refs. GREAT WONDERFUL IDEA - to have Dan come and give them a clinic. We met Dan at the NPPL Asian Invitational last year and we got a taste of NPPL style marshaling. It is a different style that is closer to the MY NPL's style and I feel a bit more enjoyable and playable. But I feel that the players have taken advantage of it.

I hope with Dan's help - the marshalls there would gain more knowledge and insight and cut out the crap from those unruly players.

Again I implore all players in all Divisions in both (all) leagues to UP their game and play and act professionally. What you do, how you play and how you behave represents the sport - don't let it down. You have to respect yourselves, your team, the marshalls and the game.

As I said before "No Respect, No Referees, No Game"

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