Sunday, April 26, 2009


I had a GREAT time with the guys who work at Red Dynasty field tonight. Kiko and Gerald pulled a last min BBQ out of the hat and we all had a great time eating and drinking and.....

There was this tent in front of us and it there was nothing around it- no lights inside and no one saw anyone around it - it was weird because every family who had a tent would be lit and have kids and family running around- but this tent was dead silent.

Later on the guys we sitting on the bench and they noticed something and called me over. The whole tent was moving cos the occupants were having sex inside.

And they did it for a long time. During all that time families were talking around- there was this group of 8 Thai girls playing and running around the tent and they just kept hammering away.

Every smart ass in our group had ideas to prank the fuckers. The best was from Keith I think - "lets take the bike and ram the tent and say sorry"

Mine was "lets tie a rope to the top of the tent to the car and drive off" and Fuzz really went around looking for some rope.

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