Thursday, April 2, 2009


With the recent 'incidents' in which one of us got called 'out' for a tank cover falling off - we've been really careful about what we carry into the field and making sure things dont fall off ourselves and our gear.

After one of our games in the last tournament, I was picking up pods and I came across a tank butt which was on one of my team mates' tanks which had fallen off. He didnt get called out in this game but I'd bet if it was in the other league - he would have been called 'out'.

Which brings me to 2 thoughts on the matter.

I think refs should spend more time watching the balls and players and less time keeping their eyes on things falling off players. A tank butt, and a barrel sock on the field is NOT going to cause any injury if its left on the field.

The current rules only allow pods and squeegies to be left on the field. But as we all know - players have a myriad of things that can fall off like headbands, caps, headbands and tank butts. WHY bother policing all these? If the whole point is to prevent team mates from throwing pods of paint to each other or leaving pods for another team mate- SURELY that can be easily seen and policed. Rather than slam the door on everything and just allow empty pods a squeegies?

Instead of looking for more things to call people out on- why not make it easier on players and parties and amend this rule so its one less stupid thing to get called out on? Just make it a rule that 1. Players cannot throw pods of paints to another team mate. 2. Players may not leave full pods of paints for another team mate.

I just don't see the point in this rule. I find it annoying that they will pull you if you drop a barrel sock but they can't tell who shot who first on a run through on the sudden death semi final game.

AND if you didnt already know- YOU CANNOT PICK UP PAINT from the field to play- that is also grounds to call you out.We found that out the hard way.

Are a great idea. But due to the current rules, they CAN be a minus if it falls off your tank. Keep that in mind- along with all the new gadgets and tricks and nicks they sell out there. Before you put it on your gear- ask yourselves. "IS IT GOING TO FALL OFF DURING A GAME?" and "ARE THEY GOING TO CALL ME OUT IF IT FALLS OFF"

I propose that everyone go up to the Ultimate and ask him if its ok for each an every bit of gear you bring it- all the fancy head bands, nipple covers, teddy bears you stick on your mask or chains or rubber duckys. Go ask him if you'll be 'out' if that falls off- and why not? Is it considered not safe?" If everyone goes and ask him 200 times over a weekend MAYBE well get that stupid rule amended.

God forbid your headband falls off during a game and your team mate picks it up and puts it on and then goes on to kill everyone else. That would be an unfair advantage - outrageous!

"Who shot who first? I don't know, I didn't see - we were all watching if his barrel sock fell off. But its ok - we'll just make it easy for ourselves and call both guys out."

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Ion said...

Hmmm...I read your blog with interest because I beg to differ. I (personally) feel that these nitty gritty makes the whole entire game good and exciting to watch. The rules are there...yes, they might sound stupid but wouldnt it be interesting to watch when you see someone get call out of the game when he left stuff behind. I thought...hey! That's a talking point! I am sure you will be very pissed if you are the affected party but hey its the rules and it makes paintball more interesting to watch.

Wouldnt it be interesting to see someone carry a mini tombstone into the field and stick it to him chest and play the usage game...and if he feels like it, he drops the bunker and go onto eliminate the opponents. Next you will see people coming into the field with things that are deemed unnecessary for the game.

And some NPL, you can pick up pods and use the paints that are left behind. So guys who are reading this... it is still dependent on the rules that the league follows.