Tuesday, April 21, 2009


And I haven't washed my pants and my jerseys and socks from the weekend. I didn't wash the pants and jersey from the week before when I got my 3 and 4 kills in separate games. I guess the luck didn't come to KL with me.

I didn't blog last night because I ended up going to Lido Palace again which is one of the most expensive night clubs in Singapore. Again we sat at a $500 table and watched hot China girls sing and try to get tips. The hookers were out in force - lots of them really hot and even the mama san (she get girls for you) was hot. The "star of the night" girl who is my friends customer (they do her make up and dress etc) got around $22,600 after singing 5 songs and 3 costume changes.

Just to be clear - the singers sing for tips and they can get shit load of money they don't need to hook. They dress up in ball gowns and make up and look like princesses in hopes to get 'fans' to tip them. The hookers don't sing, they dress like hookers in short skanky skirts stand at the side and every time there is a new table or room the go line up and hope to get picked. It costs S$150 for a girl to sit and drink with you. Anything else you want is up to her to quote you.

The star of the night was upstaged by this young girl who came late - went on stage after all the singers had sung in the big finale - she sang her one song and got one sash that said $20,000!

While I was writing the earlier posts tonight - the $22,600 girl came to my friend's office to check out her photos from last night. She sat next to me while she viewed her photos and I had to help her burn a CD so I pinched a few of her pictures.

I like the dancer on the left- she was way cuter.

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