Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There is a guy who doesn't like our team or rather I'm pretty sure its me he doesn't like. So what he usually does is, to come early in the morning of a tournament and swap around the team labels for the team tables. This dumbass will make sure that our table is the furthest from his team table and that his friends are the closest to him.

Sounds like kindergarten doesn't it?

We know who you are - you immature minder. Its because you always leave a chair with you muddy footprints right under the team labels. We can tell from your shoe size what your IQ is.

Grow up asshole.

BTW I am more than willing to tell everyone who this guy is. So if you ask me personally or write to me at seburo55@yahoo.com - I'll tell you the "DUMBASS OF XPOC" is.


PP said...

Muahaha! Is this dumbass is the same person we caught swapping team's label in the wee hours in WCA last year? If its the same person, please grow up you arse hole!! Do you need a motivator to talk to you?

SEBURO said...


Yeah that loser


Anonymous said...

y dun u post it up and share it with us?

SEBURO said...

y dun you email me so I know who I'm talking to?

SEBURO said...

I got a photo of the "Dumbass of the XPOC"