Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Dear friends of Shane- I set up Shane's very first 'fan club' on PBnation in the Bushwackers thread- please sign up and show your support!

This weekend SEUBUROs live chat will be online during Huntington Beach. We will be having "PB Drinks" and this tournament- we're going to finish a drink every time we hear "Shane Howe" mentioned on the live broadcast.

PB Drinks is derived from "footy Drinks" where you get a bunch of friends to watch an
Australian Rules Football game. You pick a name of a player from the hat and every time he makes a 'mark' in which he catches the football. You have to "skull"- finish your drink.

If he kicks a goal you have to have 2 drinks. So it gets pretty tough on people who draw names of forwards because they will jump sky high and take "speckys" (spectacular marks) and then have a free kick for goal. So not only do you have to drink for the mark and then 2 drinks if he scores the goal.

So have a drink on hand this weekend when you watch the USPL Live Webcast and remember if you hear "SHANE HOWE" you have to finish that drink!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support Art! Finally my first Fan Club! Hahahaha! Whoooo!!! Lol!
Shane Howe

SEBURO said...

No worries man its a bout TIME! LOL

And if you check my blog- we're going to have a drink every time we hear "SHANE HOWE" on the live webcast this weekend!

So you better bring the A game and pull the big moves!

noir said...

WOOOhhooo!! Shane In Da Houzeee!! S'up bro!!

SHANE said...

Now I have some encouragment! Im gonna try and get you guys drunk! Hahahaha!!
Shane Howe

H.Lausten said...

What up Cous'? Saw your mom she told me you were gettin paid to play.....Glad to see you are doing so well. "Bushwacker's" perfect team for you. Lol I am commenting from someone elses computer. Fan Club who woulda thunk it? Come to the coast for the 4th.

Love and Luck....
Heidi #1 Cousin

"You have'nt a prayer without you're balls in the air"