Friday, April 17, 2009


Arthur, Pony, Ryan - good luck this weekend in Kaohsiung!

We'll be in KL playing in the XPOC. God I wish I was in Kaohsiung instead... niceee flat dry ground.


Arthur Chang TW/USA said...

Good Luck to you guys too.. we took 2nd... it was fun..... we hope to take first next time...


SEBURO said...

Thats awesome! congratulations! Really wish I was there to watch.

We didnt do so great- we crashed out in the prelims but we had a great time on sat night with everyone in the bar. Told lots of stories about Taiwan about you guys etc.

It was the cheapest ever too.

Arthur US/TW said...

cant wait to hang out with you guys.. if it wasnt so last minute was thinking of coming to play with you guys in KL next weekend..hahaha

good luck


SEBURO said...

ISSC is in 2 weeks 2-3rd May long weekend and we really need players.

If you can make it- it would be awesome.