Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a disappointment

USPL's webcast is not free thus that throws a damper in the works. There wont be many people watching it as compared to when it was free. I'm too tired from being at the field today to log in- But I might log in tomorrow to watch the finals.


Junior said...

Got a friend who paid to watch, said it's crap because of the poor cameramen. And said so far, PSP's webcast is still the best. Your take on it?

SEBURO said...

I didnt watchthe coverage on Sat night because I was too tired and I'm living with a friend so it was not convenient to watch something all night.

I also noted that Nick Truter is not doing to the coverage so...I thought that was a big part missing. Though I am a big fan of Nicky Cuba I havent heard him run a commentary apart from the 'Short Bus'.

Still having second thoughts on paying for Sunday night's games.

I much rather go down to the coffee shop and watch the Man Utd Aston Villa Game. ;)

Junior said...

Really? Man Utd won 3-2 against Villa. And Utd's leading the table ahead of... err... who was it again? Oh yeah... it's Liverpool. *RUNS*

SEBURO said...

Friidel and Villa were useless