Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trauma Trash Talkin'

This promo for this weekend's PSP MAO is so ROTFLMAO friggin funny.

This also confirms the rumors that Baltimore Trauma is making a comeback this weekend in Semi Pro. If you watch and listen - they sound off a couple of big big names in pro paintball Lucien, Fason,  Saudinger and Humphrey - this team is not a rookie team.

*Dave Fason is the tall dude behind everyone in the Infamous pic up top.

Trauma Line up

Lucian Blackburn

Thaddeus Cesari

Dave Fason

Tyler Humphrey

Stephen Porterfield

Robert Sink

Rob Staudinger

Brian Stewart

Justin Summers

John Tinker


Thu 7:30 AM  Palm Beach Vipers  


Fri 9:10 AM  Team Atlanta Edge  

Sat 9:10 AM  Sacramento XSV

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