Thursday, April 16, 2009


Dear Chief Wiggum,

If you are one of those 'investigating' us or me "selling markers" let me enlighten you on why there is no selling or markers in Singapore. There is simply not point in buying them unless you are a serious tournament player. We know every tournament player and every marker he or she owns in Singapore. No one can sell markers and keep it quiet. 

An Illegal marker would be the least 'cool' thing to keep in Singapore as it would most probably end up being an expensive piece of metal because:

1. There wont be anywhere for you to shoot it much less play a game. All the 3 paintball fields will not allow you to bring you illegal marker to their field and risk getting their licenses revoked. There is only one place to play speedball in Singapore. The other two fields will definitely wont allow you to shoot your marker there as their staff would be terrified.

2. There are no air compressors around and unless you order your own C02 - you will not have access to any propellant.

3. You won't have anything to shoot. Where would you get paint from? The paintball fields do don't sell paintballs for 'takeaway'.

A "paintball marker" is not like a toy gun or a replica gun where "enthusiasts" buy and keep at home and take it out once in a while to play with. A paintball maker is bigger - you'll need a tank and a loader to complete the set. 

Not only would you need to fork out a lot of money for a marker - you'd have to buy a loader and a tank that will cost about 400-500. So why would anyone waste money and buy a "paintball gun" to keep at home? Its not a cheap piece of gear to keep as cheap thrill.

So here is the answer. I am not selling paintball makers in Singapore. I know very well it is illegal so own an a marker without a fire arm license and it is also illegal to sell them.

End of story. 

If you're not going to play tournaments - don't even bother to get one. It'll be a fuck waste of money.

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