Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SL94 Colours

Jack Frost for me. Don't mind the all black one too

I edited out the sales talk for a more concise read:

Eclipse SL94 Technical Overview

Two Triggers
The SL comes standard with 2 different trigger combinations. The first style matches what has become the default Ego trigger shape of the last few seasons. A sleek, curved S-type trigger. The second could be considered more of a classic 2-finger design. Both come pre-installed into the dual-mounted roller bearing carrier complete with magnet and spring returns and all adjustment screws and pins. Simply unbolt one bearing carrier, pull out the trigger assembly, and drop in the next.

The New Zick2 kit
Has a 3-Stage damping effect on the rear stroke, utilizing an air cushion, a hollow-domed PU shock absorbing cushion and a solid final-stop PU bumper. This all combines to decelerate the rearward motion of the bolt and rammer in an even more controlled manner than the previous Zick. The new tail design of the rammer shaft further helps reduce initial drive force on the forward stroke to limit possible damage to the ball being loaded into the barrel.

The New Cure3 bolt.
Through observation of the interactions between balls in the feed stack using the very latest High Speed Video equipment we have been able to refine the design of the profiled surface on the top edge of the Bolt. We have managed to reduce the amount of crush placed on the ball stack in the feed tube during the firing cycle. This helps eliminate cracking of fragile paint and pre-loaded fractures in the stack when used with force-feed loaders.

New SL Barrels
SL2 Shaft barrel kit, complete with 2 lengths of tip and 3 different internal bore dimensioned backs. Everything that could be done to remove weight and leave a stunningly designed gun has been done.

SL2 Barrel Kit Specifications
* 1 x 14 " Front Section 0.700 " Bore
* 1 x 16 " Front Section 0.700 " Bore
* 1 x Rear Section - 0.685 " Bore
* 1 x Rear Section - 0.689 " Bore
* 1 x Rear Section - 0.693 " Bore

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