Tuesday, April 14, 2009



There are 18 teams in Division 3 in this weekend's XPOC. Now the contention is that out of 18 teams 16 will probably get to qualify for the second round. I hope I am wrong but I am making an assumption that 16 teams will go though which makes a mockery of having to play 10 qualifying games to "qualify" for the second round.

If 16 teams go though, it is not "qualifying" but more like "let's get 16 teams though to play more games to make more money". If 16 teams go though only 2 teams get cut. Every team would have to win only 4-5 games in the prelims to be almost guaranteed a spot on Sunday. So to "qualify" is meaningless - its just means more money for XPOC


That used to mean something big to most teams. Its a big achievement for team just to get though to Sunday. But with 16 out of 18 teams going though. Its meaningless- its a farce. You want to know how we feel about the XPOC?- well here is something I think its ridiculous. Making it to Sunday means jack in the XPOC.

I say make the "cut" a real cut. Make it something to play for - only the best - the top say 8 or 10 teams go through. Make the 10 preliminary games important - that you have to win games to make it to Sunday.


Lets take the top 60% - the top 10 teams go though in 2 groups of 5 teams. Have the balls to CUT 8 teams on Saturday.

The top 10 teams all play ONE set of round robin to determine the top 2 from each group to make the final four and they play best of 3 games to get to the finals.

This makes it one less dumb ass round to play as we currently have to play 2 round robin games.
I know the XPOC wants to make money but I want to get to the finals with as "reasonably shorter" amount of games as possible.

Because I have 2 good reasons:
1. Cut cost. You want to make it more "affordable" for us to play? Cut out the extra rounds which we all think its bull.

2. The Marshalls would have less games to ref and would be fresher less prone to mistakes during the most crucial games at the end of Sunday.

And end up having the Winners and Runners up etc decided my the REFs because its "too dark to Marshall". THAT WAS BULLSHIT.


Anonymous said...

You make complete sense with this post. This exact same topic arose at the first JPA tournament in Japan. There are simply not enough teams to warrant having a make it to Sunday push or an extra rounds of paintball. All the prelim games meant nothing since every team but one made it to the next round. Thus, the second JPA event has been revamped and there are no extra rounds. Thus, it is less expensive, every game has meaning, the refs are not exhausted by the end of the day, you are not playng into the twilight hours and everyone has time to get in some funs games at the end and use up any extra paintballs. The other tournament this weekend in Japan is using the same format as well. If you have 18 teams, I think 2 top teams should go straight to the quarter finals while another 12 fight it out to move up to the quarters on sunday and the other 4 are cut. That makes it important to place well on Saturday as well as not getting cut. Just my opinion.

SEBURO said...

Thank you- thats the best comment I got so far.

I like the idea of best 2 go through and the following 12 fight it out.

That happened in PSP where the top team automatically goes through to wait for the others to duke it out.

So it makes it a good thing to win all your prelims and get that no1 status.

Thank you for your comments I appreciate your time.

Anonymous said...

ALways happy to comment - Khaine

muffin. said...

hahahahahahahaahhaah not red sevens.