Tuesday, April 21, 2009

XPOC Leg 3

I will put my money and my foot in my mouth and say that I am really glad that I got the 60% cut off that I asked for. I didn't get to see the second round of the second round (yeah stupid) games but I hope the semi finals and finals were not played in the dark like in leg 2.

We had a bad tournament paintball-wise but I really enjoyed the company of my team and the guys from PPS Syndrome who were in the same tent with us. The parents who came up like Zach's dad Steven took us out for drinks on Sat night to try and fire us up to win the 2 games we have left for Sunday. We all had a great time at the sports bar at the hotel. Pity no other team rocked up. Kiko claimed that it was his birthday and he got the attention of the Filipino singers- I also go sucked into her 'charms'.

I throughly enjoyed the 2-3 games we scraped to get the wins. Those were the games we played as a team ran the game plan and scored the win. It was precious few wins - only 3 wins so I really enjoyed them. The 3 wins and a bye were not enough to get us through to the second round. Ironically the cut off was 12 teams as I had asked for in my blog and we were the 13th team. I still stand by it with no regrets because I think the 12 teams went though on merit- they deserved their spots. We were unworthy and were not up to par and even if they let in 16 teams it would have been a sour achievement and we'd probably spend more money on paint to get dumped out.

We all got back had showers and had a nice drive down south. I enjoyed taking my time going home- compared to the last leg where we left the field in the dark- rushed back to the hotel to shower- rushed to the bus station and caught a 11pm bus that got us back to Singapore at 5 am. That was miserable way to end a weekend. Thanks to Gerald's dad we had a nice lunch and got back before dark- I even had time to go to the field to chill out and help out a bit.

We all had a great time on this trip- apart from paintball. It didnt seem that important or it didnt bother us too much that we sucked and we crashed out for only the second time in the teams history- despite having a pretty strong line up.

By the way - I thought it was nice that Kiko said to me that he thought the team we had for XPOC 3 was stronger than his World Cup Asia Champion D2 team - with due respect to the Real Pinoys - I took it with a pinch of salt.

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Anonymous said...

Filipinos are fond of telling jokes..dont take it seriously.

Real Pinoys won the World Cup Asia because they played for their country. When it comes to XPOC as you say, just play for fun lah! win or lose!