Monday, March 30, 2009


Congratualtions to Matt and Furious Paintball for finally picking up a pro (semi) team in team Vicious. This is indeed great news and one close to me because I was my suggestion to approach DSSP8NTBALL.COM and Vicious to try and get Furious exceptional Lotus Barrels into their hands.

Furious has been long trying to get their barrels into a pro team and barrel sponsorship is a tough market to break into. The 'problem' with the Pro teams is that most of them would have tied up with a barrel sponsor for example XSV and the Bush Wackers are shooting CP and Infamous renewed their sponsorship with Sly Equipment. Sly is the most aggressive marketer after snatching long time partners Stockholm Joy from rivals Stiffi they also recently signed Miami Rage (also origianlly a Stiffi team) and also the Russians to secure their brand on these high profile teams.

My approach around the 'problem' was to look for a semi pro team- a team with a cult following and there were a few around to choose from like RNT and HK and Vicious. Vicious have been winning over legions of fans and they have a big following and they are very astute in marketing with their distinctive Vicious Private label Egos and their red self styled jerseys.

I knew Vicious didn't have a barrel sponsor and they would be open to one. It was the right fit as Vicious will eventually play in the Pro Division and this moment in time is a good opportunity for Furious to start a relationship and grow with the team.

And it was the right moment after Vicious had a big tournament in PSP Phoenix blowing all the other teams away and then taking a big name like XSV down to the wire in the finals.

So I am very happy to have helped in a small way.

ps yes I will have to post the review of the Furious barrel like soon. :P
That'll be Coming up Next!

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