Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sponsor Money

I am always dismayed every time I see bus stop poster with some sponsor throwing money at sports like triathalons and football tournaments. I curse the insurance companies, beverage maker and banks who choose to throw money on these events. How about being a bit less narrow minded and try spreading the money to sports like Paintball for once?

Who goes to and watch Triathalons in Singapore? It is second only to snowborading in Singapore in terms of "who the heck watches triathalons in Singapore". Triathalons are so TV unfriendly - no one will broadcast a 3/4 hour race - heck there isnt even a "live webcast" for Triathalons.

Where as paintball...has a GLOBAL viewership of millions ONLINE through NPPL and PSPs live webcast during their tournaments. Paintball is perfect for TV, its a 5 min game- its got skills, team work, action and drama all packed into a 5 mins game. Or in terms of xball- its 15-20 mins of pure play action.

If you are one of those who googled "Singapore Triathalon" and stumbled upon my blog. Before you flame me go and watch a couple of games online on youtube or I assure you its not a 3 hour broadcast of people running, swimming and riding bikes.

This is going to get me a lot of flak from people in that other "sport" but what the heck:.

I am smugly happy to read that Singapore lost the rights to host the opening leg of International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships in May because they couldn't get enough "sponsors". Oh well I guess now they know how its like to go with it alone.

Economy bad? No triathalon? Aww just too bad but BTW we still got SPNS running in May if you want to switch sports.


Anonymous said...

No shit. This topic came to light upon reviewing the World Games line-up with paintball only being allowed as a preveiw one. WHAT!! Did anyone else see the sports being showcased to be in the olympics; ultimate frisbee! Yeah, love frisbee to and a game of it is okay but really, a sports event with teams and so forth..lets be real. And like kick basketball or whatever the hell it is called; please, like three countries in the whole world play it.

What is wrong with the world? Yes, we use sporting equipment in paintball that is akin to a gun-like object shooting paint but it is not a gun and good luck robbing a bank with one. And yes, where is all the sponsorship. Gone to a sport that is watched or played by only four countries while paintball is played across the globe in nearly every nation!!!! ARGH!!!! And don`t get me started on the cool factor of some of these sports compared to paintball. Don`t even START!

- Hollywood Khaine

SEBURO said...

wake boarding, ball room dancing, floor ball, tchuck ball... hmm what els is hip and cool. Oh yes beach vollyey ball. Only because its "hip and cool*" to hang out on the beach at Sentosa and check out girls in bikini.


*say "cool" like Russel Peters saying "aren't we cool" in an Indian accent.