Friday, March 20, 2009


I've been really busy with work. been working on photo shoots. Haven't had time to post. I'm moving house in 2 weeks too. So I'm going to do something crazy like play a tournament on the weekend before I move house.

Anyway I want to post a shout out to newly named/formed team in Taiwan S+S (formerly Team PMS and Team Shocker) who have also picked up Dye as a team sponsor.

To all my friends in Taiwan:- Arthur, Ryan and Pony - Congratulations on S+S and welcome to the Dye family.


Anonymous said...

honestly , i dont want to say this,
but it used to be team shocker and team STD.

im not going into it. i have no idea why it was called that. either way. there is a tourney in south taiwan on 19th. we might be going down. we will see

art c. TW

SEBURO said...

Thank you Art- my error has been corrected.

The tourney sounds interesting - pls let me know if you guys go and play.