Wednesday, March 4, 2009

*600th POST* Nice guy that Arthur

They recently auctioned off all the Paintball gear the NPPL once owned. Even the trademarks of the name NPPL and the TV show Xtreme Paintball was up for sale.

Our good friend Arthur Chang went to the auction and got a few things for some of our friends across on this side of the world. Banno in Japan picked up something really cool - a set of Rock Star bunkers. And Ben and Jane picked up some ex NPPL nets. Pity they missed out on the turf but at least we got something.

I would have really like to have one of those NPPL gun racks they have behind every starting gate.

My hat is off to Arthur for doing a nice favour for everyone.

Arthur also has the honor of being on my 600th post on this blog.

For a list of assets that was for sale look in the comments.


SEBURO said...

Paintball Equipment

* 100″”s of paintball guns, mostly SPYDER “Xtra”, JT TAC5”,
* JT Synergy & miscellaneous brand guns
* Blow-up bunker sets, canvas siding, netting, tents for (4) complete fields
* Artificial turf for approximately 3+ paintball fields approx. 85) 15″” wide rolls
* Paintball gun racks & multiple sets of protective clothing


Telephone system - Travel cases - Commercial pro audio equipment
(speakers, mixer boards, amp) - (2) large portable pressure washers -
RICOH color copier, Aficio MPC3500 - ACER Aspire 3000 laptop computer -
(10) GATEWAY laptop computers - (2) SONY Vaio laptop computers -
(1) DELL Latitude D610 laptop computer - Executive office dividers and
workstations - Large quantity of executive office furniture/cherry wood
with leather chairs, desks, round tables, conf. table, credenzas - MINOLTA
copier, CSPRO 3000 - Printers and ID card printers - Fans and ladders -
Portable basketball hoop - Folding tables - 10″” tall pallet racking - BILLY
GOAT blowers with 5 hp Honda motors AND MUCH MORE!

Paintball League (Word Mark)
NPPL (Word Mark)
National Paintball League (Word Mark)

ion said...

Thanks Arthur!!! The nettings will come in good use.