Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Exclusive on Seburo.blogspot.com - MPOC ID Cards!

Since we all paid RM45 for the 2009 ID card and we still haven't got them; I have taken the trouble to prepare MPOC ID cards for you.

– Download the blank ID Cards in JPEG and print it out - stick your photo (or anyone's pic) and write your name (or anything you can think of) and laminate it and wear it this weekend. You can even promote yourself to Div 1!

I just realised that I haven't done a card for Division 4 - just go ahead and use the Division 3 ones. 
(I won't tell anyone)


SEBURO said...

TUES 1.40pm

Allan Pang just SMSed me to say that you will all get your ID cards at the captain's meeting.

: )

ion said...


Ronnie said...

LOL... right after you bitched about it. talking about the right kind of incentive... =D

SEBURO said...

Ahem-well I hope the new cards look better than mine LOL