Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adam Langlais

The name Adam Langlais would not be familiar to most people in paintball- including me. He is a friend of a good friend of mine in paintball. And my good friend Khaine from Team Incarate in Japan asked me to help publicise the auction to help Adam get better.

Adam is one of us - a baller. He played at the World Cup Asia with Team Ku from Japan so some of you might have seen him around. Adam recently suffered a stroke which basically paralysed his whole body- he cannot move nor talk and can only blink and move his eyes.

Put yourselves in his situation- one moment you're running and gunning on the paintball field and the next you're totally trapped in your own body and you can't move at all. The next time you walk out on the field, spare a thought for Adam and be grateful that you are lucky to be able to play.

Please go to this thread on PbNation to find out more about Adam and and how his life has been changed by the stroke. Please do what you can to help Adam out- he is a fellow baller after all. Bid in the auction, donate some money or just say something nice.

There is an auction for some paintball memorabilia that has the approval from PbNation - Ollie Lang has graciously donated a signed jersey for the auction along with the Philly Americans.

Here are some of the items that are up for Auction:

Auction #22A to 22J: 10 R7 Packs Signed and donated by Greg Hastings!!

Auction #21: Signed Ollie Lang Jersey donated by Ollie Lang!!

Auction #20: New Red Invert Mini donated by Invert/KEE Action Sports!!

Auction #19A and 19B: 2 Signed Philly American Jerseys donated by Smart Parts!!

Auction #18: 5 sets of 5 Gold Ups Donated by PbNation!!

Auction #17: Signed photos by VI Photo and New England Hurricanes!

Auction #16, Printed Poster donated by Visually Implied Photography


vijil said...

Last I heard he's regained enough movement to wave and look around, and the physio is working, so any donations are definitely helping.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Seburo-ski. Appreciate the help for Adam. He is a great guy. I wouldn`t wish this on my worst enemy.

p.s: It is Incarnate since you asked.

batosai said...

tis story has been around since last year.. your too slow.

SEBURO said...

if you read the post again - the story was mainly to promote the auction to help Adam.

I was asked my a friend of his to help promote it.

Thank you for your patience.