Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chuck Hench Rides the NPPL Bull again!

It looks like the NPPL's former Chief wrangler Chuck Hench may get to ride the "NPPL" bull again. Just last night I was talking about the NPPL Auction and I listed all the assets that was for sale including all the trademarks and the brand names.

Well guess who bought the NPPL trademark and domains? Yes, it was the Chuck Norris of Paintball himself Chuck Hench.

The powers that be at USPL: Chuch Hench, Bart Yachimec (Edmonton Impact owner) and Rich Telford (XSV owner) are rumoured to be in two, no make that three minds about bringing back the NPPL name to the premier 7-man series. With Huntington Beach only weeks away we might get to see the NPPL fly at HB (minus a few Rockstar bunkers) is asking for a show of hands YES or NO to brining back the NPPL Brand.

Click on this link to vote YES/NO

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