Friday, March 6, 2009


I am very aware of what I say here- there are some people looking for a bone to pick with me. I have decided I don't want to pick a fight online so I'm just going to say my thank yous.

I want to say and big thank you for everyone who have shown their support for us. Daniel for always being so generous and encouraging us when we lost that one on one. Thank yous to Ben of Pro Paintball for remembering that we have never broken our second round duck and congratulating us for doing it. Reuben for sitting next to me and just saying a few encouraging words - this from a guy who played and won D1 - congratulations to you Reuben and Denis and the Matrix guys. A very warm thank you Sani who is always positive and always says he reads my blog. Thank you to Pat for being so generous and a friend.

Thank yous also to everyone who came up to us to tell us what they saw in that semi final game, and to the guys on JB Syndicate and Oscar Legion X and PPS Syndrome who also came over to shake our hands afterwards. Thank you for that, it really means a lot to me and the guys on Red Sevens.

Thank you to the friendly girls on Lund69 for the water. My hat is off to you girls for being so brave in your first tournament. Keep your chin up girls.

I won't bitch about the semi finals- there is no point. What happened- happened. It sucks, we all saw it - everyone outside saw it and everyone knew what happened. With all due respect to the refs and I thought they did a good job- they just made a bad call at that crucial moment for us. I'll just leave it at that and move on.

I would be difficult to say what might have been- it would have been easy to kick a fuss and not reply the semi final tie. But that would have been against the spirit of sportsmanship that would be like the D1 and D3 teams who lost on Saturday and didn't bother to rock up on Sunday.

We have a lot of positives to talk about like how we went further than we ever did. We dropped only 2 games in the prelims and for the first time we won all 3 of our second round games. For the first time we made it into the quarters and we got to play way into the evening. We were one of the last 4 teams standing we made it to the semi finals. We were one game away from the final. We played 18 games to get that close to the final. We had the whiff of a final game for a few moments. We missed our bus back to Singapore but it was worth it.

We played a game plan that was thought up by the youngest player on the team at 15 years. We had a snake player who doesn't usually play snake. We had leaking guns, leaking tanks, stepping out of bounds, dropping barrel socks and even a tank cover falling off. We had a one on one to play and I am so proud of Zack for stepping up to the job. We had a guy who was hurt most of the time, we had a newbie who never played in D3 before.

So yeah we have a lot to be thankful for and we have a lot of friends to thank.

p.s if you want the real story of that semi final game. Please send me an email and I'll tell you all about it.


noir said...

The Guy Who Was Hurt Most Of The Time would like to share this Thank You note.. He was and is very grateful for all the well wishes!

Anonymous said...

hey bro..dunno ur email but mine is
really interested to noe wat happened..thx..

Reuben said...

Congratulations on the 4th finish to you and the team...i saw the semi game with Daniel and we know what happened..i hope that this does not effect your team and you guys will make it in the 3rd leg with the performance that you guys showed that day!!!keep it up!!!its nice seeing you again Arthur since Gombak as i have been missing from the scene for awhile..take care bro

muffin said...

fuck the police.

SEBURO said...

my email is and I would like to know who you are first.

Thank you

Thank you Reuben- really. Its really great to see you back.

Junior said... is Ju-Lian, he's one of us Ruskis.

Congrats not just for the 4th place finish but also for the best performance you guys had. Keep pushing forward and hope to see you guys in the 3rd leg.

SEBURO said...
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Da Boss said...

Would love to know what happend!! do email me

Pual said...

MPOC is still the best okaaay...