Thursday, February 18, 2010

VICIOUS 2010 Jersey

I have been keeping track on VICIOUS' jerseys as they are a Furious team its always cool to see the Furious logo on their jerseys and knowing that I had a hand in it. We had a glimpse of it late last year when Greg Pauley modelled what they called a 'practice jersey' edition.

In 2010 with every announcement of new players like Billy Bernaccia and Drew Templeton etc we'd get a "sneak peek" at what could be the 2010 jersey. For a moment it looked like they were going to get iron-ons onto a stock Empire Jersey...

BUT all is well as Vicious fans would be happy to know that they have retained their traditional long t shirt style. I've always wondered how they avoid ripping the sleeves. revealed the official 2010 Vicious jersey this morning and they have 4 versions - Regulars, home, away and the famous sunday Red.

This is the 2010 Sunday edition - to have a look at the other 3 versions go to

I like VICIOUS' tradition that the red sunday jersey is never to be sold nor given away. I have a huge respect for that because its make it much more special to get to wear a red vicious jersey. I would never offer money to try and get red Vicious jersey not even wear it.

The Australian Cricket team have their famous "baggy green" cap which is unique only to Australia. This cap cannot be bought and it is only given to you if you make the national team. And it is a huge honor to be given one thus, no one ever sells not gives away their treasured baggy green. Former captain Steve Waugh loved his baggy green so much that he wore the same cap pretty much throughout his playing career.

I wont get to experience the honor of earning a pro jersey. The closest I have come to being 'given' a jersey was I guess at the World Games when I crewed and coached for almost all of team Germany's games and they gave me a Team Germany jersey after they won the Gold Medal. I treasure that jersey a lot because it was given to me by the team and to me it was as good as a getting medal. I was offered money for it and of course I will never going to sell it.

I didn't really know how some people strongly felt about team jersey until a former team mate tried to sell his jersey online and I had feed back about it not being respectful to our team. I guess if we had to really earn our jerseys then people would be so ready to sell them.

I can't wait to get our Tanked Jerseys - I think and I hope most of us will wear it with pride.

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