Friday, February 19, 2010


Tyler Harmon spoke to me about his big move to Sacramento XSV and this special interview is on Tyler was very kind to do this interview and wrote very well and gave us an insight into what is going on in the pro scene in NorCal.

I tweeted about Tyler's move to XSV and misspelled his surname and Prince publically corrected me and I had the idea to ask Tyler about his move to XSV then. I realised that no one had spoken to him about it and I thought he deserves some credit and limelight after all XSV didn't just pick any guy up. Facefull did a big interview with Tyler 2 issues ago which show how far he has come in the sport.

This move to arguably one of the biggest names in professional paintball which is Sacramento XSV is a great one and I think it is a good fit. Both the team and Tyler are young and at the same time very experienced. They both have been slowly building a momentum which I think looks to peak for 2010.

WOW Thomas Taylor, Marty Marshall(?) and Rob Monterio of SF Explicit has read my interview.

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