Monday, February 8, 2010


SLY EQUIPMENT has long been known for their carbon fibre barrels they have branched into making soft goods jerseys pants and packs. So it was no big surprise that on the week of Paintball Extravaganza SLY have thrown their hat into the mask market offering their interpretation to the most essential piece of equipment in paintball which is the mask. The mask will be called Profit comes with features like quick release, dual strap and a nylon frame that is molded with a softer TPR material (for more bounce).

This bit of new was first broken out by Uncle Bob who's Blast team is sponsored by SLY so I am guessing that the guys on Blast might be wearing these - unless they hang on to JT's sponsorshop and keep their Pro Flexes.

The top grill looks reminiscent of Dye i3

Here is more information the new Profit Mask

There are some similarities to other google designs but they the improved details are the double straps which is a good innovation as a lot of people use double straps and currently only Sly has this. The lenses kinda look like i4s but they work with a quick release system which looks pretty slick.


I asked SLY poster boy Shane (on the left) if they were going to do a photoshoot with him and the Profit mask and he told me that he did the photo shoot with the mask for the catalog back then but it was not used.

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