Friday, February 12, 2010

Infamous less one

Glenn Takemoto dropped a bomb on me this morning announcing on Facebook that he is officially joining 'the blue and black of DYNASTY'. That pretty much cuts down the line up from 2 years ago to only a couple of original guys.

If you look at the picture above taken at the NPPL Asian Invitational. LB and Rusty (far left) are the only ones left on Infamous. Eric Prum has moved to Dc Arsenal, Shane is with Aftermath 2, Jon Richardson on the far right was cut from Ironmen 2 weeks ago and is still a free agent. There is no news about Baltimore Trauma coming back so Dave Fason (at the back) who was a guest) might not be ween in the pro ranks this year.

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Anonymous said...

And wasn`t there a rumor going around that Lb was retiring or something. He might be gone too or came back because of all the players leaving. But, with 18 players on the mixed Aftermath/Infamous roster, can you blame players for being worried about playing time or their positions or the feeling on the team as a whole??

- Hollywood