Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birth of a Storm pt1

While most every pro team have been picking up pros from other teams, The New England Hurricanes are rebuilding their team basically from scratch.

This documentary gives us fan a rare insight into the rebeginnings of a pro team from the east. Its a great down to earth film with interviews of some of the hopefulls - some guys who have traveled as far as New Mexico for the tryouts.

Birth of a Storm has the reality show element which is close to what the guys on Unknown Soldier did a couple of years ago. I am not a big fan of reality series but I really love watching this and I look forward to the coming episodes.

Shooting a paintball documentary like this is certainly a great idea as the power of the internet will give the Hurricanes some exposure to reconnect with their fans and also an opportunity to gain some new fans which is important when you want to rebuild a team with guys who are relatively unknown.

If you compare the scene in California where all the big names live around each other - it much easier to hook up and pick up a pro. Where as over in the east - there is of course less pros in the area so practically every guy they pick up would be a relative unknown.

This will be interesting to paintball fans as every paintballer will relate and live their dreams in each of the guys who came out to tryout for a spot on the New England Hurricanes.

Jeff Stein – I know you read my blog I applaud you in doing this and rebuilding the team and I wish you and the Hurricanes all the best and I will be following the teams progress closely.

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