Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 Pro Guns Avalanche X Factor Elevation Infamous

Chicago AfterShock's PL Ego10
With a month to go before the season opens- we're seeing team guns being released almost everyday. Afterhock, Vicious, XFactor and Avalance have released their Ego 10s and we also get to have a peek at a Contract Killer Customised Victory for Infamous.

I think the most anticipated Private Label gun would be the Dynasty Ego10. Dynasty was a SmartParts/Shocker and Luxe team for so many years and the biggest coup of 2010 has to be Planet Eclipse signing Dynasty up. Dynasty has taken a bit longer to come out with their PL and they have announced on their PBn thread that it will be out soon.

Here are a few from the past week from and others

St Louis Avalanche' Ego 10 is a nice combination of red and white- the white barrel will be definitely be very distinct on the field. Click on the image to get a real good look at the artwork.
And X-Factors is a simple all black number with a patterned butt

Scottsdale Elevation have moved on from those distinct polished green Bob Longs- back to shooting Egos. This is a nicely designed Ego 10. Wish they could get the green brighter like on last years polished green Closers.

This is a great sneak peek that poped up on Twittersphere. Its a screen shot of a CAD design of a Contract Killer customised Bob Long Victory

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